Do You Have NS Servers?

Our company does not provide DNS services for the following reasons:

  1. Using a DNS provider increases the vulnerability of users' servers.
    1. if one of the users is blocked by search engines, other users of this DNS server may automatically be blacklisted,
    2. when attacking the provider's DNS servers, the operation of domains may be at risk.
  2. Using a DNS provider is inconvenient and disadvantageous for clients:
    1. creates restrictions for experienced users,
    2. additional difficulties when transferring sites to another hosting.

Our company provides quality service and a high level of security. This is why we recommend creating your own posts.

In our articles, you can find detailed instructions on how to create and configure your own NS:

We also use and recommend to our clients cloud DNS services with high fault tolerance.

Cloudflare is a useful service that allows you to:

  • increase the speed of sites several times (due to CDN, caching, and optimization),
  • protect against DDOS ​​attacks and hacks (by filtering parasitic traffic),
  • protect against attacks of the fourth class (L7), such as GET Flood, POST Flood, and HTTP Flood.

In our article, you can learn how to add a domain to Cloudflare.

Free Cloudflare accounts are often used to hide the real IP of illegal sites. Therefore, most of these IPs can be blocked by ROSKOMNADZOR on the territory of the Russian Federation. In this case, it is recommended to use a paid Cloudflare or CloudNS/DNS registrar account.

ClouDNS is a cloud DNS service. It is highly resilient and hosts its own servers around the world. With a free account, you can add 4 Unicast DNS servers, 1 DNS zone, 50 DNS records, Dynamic DNS, and Web forwarding.


If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.