Adding a Domain to

Our company provides all clients with free DDoS protection. However, with fourth-class attacks (L7), such as GET Flood, POST Flood, and HTTP Flood, this is not enough.

Therefore, it is recommended to use additional services that will allow you to reduce the chance of site or resource failure due to DDoS attacks, such as Cloudflare. In the Cloudflare service, protection is implemented at the DNS level.

In order to use your own SSL certificate for a site that works through this service, you need to upgrade to the paid Cloudflare Business Website plan.

An example of connecting DNS Cloudflare to a domain. Let's take the domain example.domain and the IP address

  • Create an account on the official website.
  • Enter the domain name and click Scan DNS Records. Wait for completion and click Continue.
  • Specify the IP address to which the site is linked on the server. The entry will appear in the list as:

A example.domain points to Automatic.

  • Click Continue.
  • Select a tariff plan and click Continue.
  • Delegate the domain in the registrar panel to the specified NS-servers.

NS servers do not change immediately at the registrar. Domain in Cloudflare before DNS update will have "Pending Nameserver Update ..." status.

It can take up to 24-72 hours to update the DNS cache (usually less).

  • When the domain becomes active, you can configure the level of security, caching, firewall, etc.

All traffic will go through Cloudflare. In order to avoid packet loss, make sure that Cloudflare addresses are detected correctly on the server and are not blocked. Cloudflare IP subnet list.

You can also read the instructions and recommendations on the Cloudflare website:

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.