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Can I Reboot the Server Myself?

You can reboot your dedicated server or VPS yourself.

If the Server is Available via SSH/RDP

Reboot Server/VPS with Linux OS

1. Connect to the server via SSH.

2. Run the command:



shutdown -r now

Reboot server/VPS with Windows OS

  1. Connect to the server via RDP
  2. Click Start - Run
  3. Enter the command:
    shutdown -r now
  4. Press Enter. The server will reboot in 30 seconds

If the Server is Not Available via SSH/RDP

To reboot a dedicated server or VPS, create a ticket in the Reboot server section.

If the dedicated server is not available via SSH/RDP, you can also use IPMI (if available).

If the remote server restart was not successful, create a ticket to technical support. Indicate that you are unable to reboot yourself. Also indicate what changes were made to the server setting, as this will help to quickly solve the problem.