You Did Not Pay for the Services on Time, They Were Blocked, How to Renew the Services?

To unblock services, create a ticket to the Billing department. In case of late payment of a bill for a service that was blocked, automatic unblocking is not performed. You will be billed another invoice to be paid.

Invoices for services are issued 15 days before the end of the rental period and are paid automatically if there are enough funds on the balance sheet. The invoice must be paid by the date indicated on the invoice.

If you are unable to pay for the service on time - create a ticket and notify us about it. In the ticket, indicate until what date you need a deferral and for what reason.

Penalty for late payment of the invoice - 10% of the cost of the service (charged after 15 days of delay). When creating a deferred ticket, you will avoid penalties and blocking.