What to do with increased load

If your VPS server systematically exceeds the allowable load, you need to fix this problem.

Identifying and removing the load source

To determine the source of increased load on the virtual server, it is necessary to analyze the access logs, scripts and site codes.

1. Analysis of web server access logs

To analyze requests to websites, you can use the web server access logs. This allows you to identify bots or visitors that are too active. Access logs detect looping when accessing site pages.

Unwanted activity by bots or users can be restricted by directives in the .htaccess file.

2. Script analysis

Errors or suboptimal algorithms can be detected in scripts that lead to exceeding the load.

3. Website optimization by CMS tools

Most modern CMSs contain tools to increase the performance of your site. To get the necessary instructions, use the official website of the CMS you are using.

4. Debugging in the development environment

We recommend that you debug sites in a development environment. This allows taking into account all possible loads. Also, all scripts and database queries are logged in the development environment.

5. Checking for malicious code

The easiest way to check is to download all site files and check them with a regular anti-virus on your local computer. However, this is not always effective. Usually anti-virus software scan executable files. To check sites on shared hosting, it is recommended to use specialized antiviruses. For example ImunifyAV and Imunify360.

Moving to a more powerful plan

With a large number of resource-intensive projects, you need to switch to another plan. To proceed, create a ticket to the billing department. Our experts will transfer all sites to another virtual server free.

Moving to a dedicated server

If a virtual server is not enough to solve all tasks, you can use the service of renting a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are more efficient and highly manageable, which is very convenient for advanced users and complex projects.

To switch to a dedicated server, create a ticket to the billing department. The transfer of all sites is free.

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.