Antivirus and protection: ImunifyAV and Imunify360

To protect your server, you can use Imunify. This software can be installed on CentOS 6/7 Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 and BitrixVM.

Free ImunifyAV Scanner

The free ImunifyAV scanner scans files and allows you to find all types of malicious code: viruses, trojans, badcore, phishing links, etc.

ImunifyAV scanner allows you to carry out an unlimited number of checks. As a result of the scan, you will receive a report with a list of infected files. Detected threats are removed manually.

To install ImunifyAV on the server, send a request to the support service. Enter the root password for access.

ImunifyAV+ antivirus

ImunifyAV+ is an enhanced version of ImunifyAV scanner. Antivirus allows you not only to find infected and malicious files, but also to eliminate these threats.

ImunifyAV+ antivirus also allows you to configure the scan schedule, limit the load of the scanner on the server.  A scan report results is sent by email.

You will be able to set a schedule and frequency of checks, control the consumption of server resources by the scanner and track the results of scans and treatments performed using e-mail reports.

To order ImunifyAV+ on the server, send a request to the support service.

Imunify360 - comprehensive protection for your server

In addition to searching for and eliminating malicious code, Imunify360 also allows you to eliminate vulnerabilities to prevent the emergence of security threats to the server.

In addition to all the features of ImunifyAV+, Imunify360 includes:

  • firewall,
  • WAF,
  • KernelCare,
  • burglary protection system,
  • proactive defense system,
  • server reputation management.

You can learn more about all the features of Imunify360 on the official website.

To order Imunify360 for the server, send a request to the support service.