General information about phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is used for working with databases.

In order to enter phpMyAdmin, use one of the methods indicated in the article (depending on the control panel of your server).

When logging in, enter the password for the selected database and select the interface language.general-information-about-phpmyadmin

Export and import

Importing is uploading a database that has been saved on the local computer to the server.

Exporting is saving a backup (dump) of the database to the local computer.

To import the database:

1.    Select a database.


2. Click the Import tab. Select the file to import on your local computer.


3. Specify Character and other import parameters.


4. Click Next to import the dump into the database.

To export the database:

1. Select a database.

2. Click the Export tab. Click Next to save the database dump to your local computer.


Executing SQL queries

Select the database and go to the SQL tab.

In the prompt box, enter a command and click Go to execute it.


Determining the current character

To find out the character of the database, run the SQL query:

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "character\_set\_database";

Changing the database character

Execute the SQL query (replace utf8 with the desired character):


This SQL query does not change the table character.

Changing table character

To change the character of tables, run the query (replace utf8 with the desired character):



You can find more detailed information on working with phpMyAdmin on the official website.

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.