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Error 403

Error 403 (Forbidden) - The server cannot fulfill your request because of limited access to the requested files or pages.

Possible causes of error 403:

  • incorrect location or name of the index file. The correct file location is your site's public_html directory. The index file must be named index.php, index.htm or index.html. All characters in the name of the index file must be in lower case. For example, the name indeX.php is incorrect.
  • incorrect setting of access rights for the directory where the requested file is located. The current and parent directories must grant execute rights to the owner.
  • incorrect placement of site files. This error often occurs when several sites are located on the server, and files are mistakenly placed in the directory of another site. The site files should be located in the website/public_html directory.

website - site name.

If there is only one site on the server, its files can be located in the public_html directory of the root directory of your server. It is recommended to create a separate directory even for one site. This simplifies administration when adding projects.

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.