Dedicated Servers Description

When ordering the dedicated server service, you are provided with a separate physical server with its own hardware configuration. Unlike VPS, a dedicated server is used by only one client and does not depend on other hosting clients or data centers.

You can make full use of all available hardware capabilities of the server. The maximum load on the dedicated server does not affect other users in any way. Likewise, other users cannot influence the health of your dedicated server. Thus, you can use a dedicated server for any tasks that meet the legal requirements and rules of our hosting.

You can order the dedicated server service on our website in the Dedicated Servers section. Here you can select a server location, or one of the standard configurations, change it according to your requirements by clicking "Configure", or order an individual solution at your discretion for any specific tasks.

You can choose one of the following operating systems: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, VMWare ESXi, and Windows of various versions. You can also install the OS from your own ISO image via IPMI in some locations, for example, in the Netherlands. When choosing a dedicated server with Linux OS, you can order the installation of a control panel - ISPManager, DirectAdmin, VestaCP.

You can also choose the type of administration - VIP, free, or no administration. Free or VIP administration is available only when ordering a control panel.