Terms and Conditions

All customers of is*hosting are obliged to comply with the following rules.

1. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. In case of violation - immediate blocking of the account.

  • All types of deliberate email spam. The exception is server hacking.
  • All types of information threats: viruses, botnets, exploits (or links to sites with their content). The exception is server hacking.
  • Hacking or attacks aimed at government or other organizations, or authorities.
  • Phishing activity, theft, fraud (or links to such sites).
  • Search for vulnerabilities and other malicious activities (brute force, spoofing, scanning of networks and ports).
  • Conducting DDoS or other attacks on your server or from your server.
  • Carding (data acquisition, use, or resale).
  • Prohibited pornographic material (incest, with animals, children, or with models who look under the age of 18).
  • Sale of any narcotic and psychotropic drugs, or substances for their manufacture.
  • Placing extremist materials, inciting ethnic hatred.
  • Any activity that can lead to placing an IP address in the blacklist (StopForumSpam, SpamCop, Blocklist, anti-virus databases, etc.). The exception is server hacking.

If these rules are violated, accounts registered under different names will also be identified and blocked.

2. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. It can be a reason for blocking.

  • Violation of the state's legislation in which the dedicated or VPS server is physically located.
  • Sale of illegal pharmaceuticals.
  • Posting an imageboard with offensive content (or lack of moderation).
  • Setting up and using proxy servers without authorization, using servers or VPS to proxy other resources.
  • Using TOR exit nodes.
  • Sale of copies of branded goods (replica stores) without the consent of the administration.
  • Proxying or tunneling traffic through a dedicated server or VPS to protect third-party projects from DDoS attacks.
  • Any activity that may damage or negatively affect the reputation of WEBRAIN OÜ.
  • Adding and using IP addresses that do not belong to the client (in case of detection - blocking the server and a fine from 500 to 1000 USD)

3. STRICTLY FORBIDDEN FOR VPS. It can be a reason for blocking.

  • Creation of public VPN, and proxy services (without approval from the administration).
  • Mass use of personal VPN and SOCKS5 proxies, maximum of 10 devices (within a family).
  • Cryptocurrency mining.
  • Creation of a SWAP file for tariffs with SSD and NVMe disks.
  • Placement of traffic-generating scripts, sites, and other resources (audio/video streaming, file storage, etc.).
  • Exceeding the maximum permissible network load (on an ongoing basis).

Recommended average/constant network load for VPS should not exceed *


For VPS with 1 Gbit/s port

For VPS with 100 Mbit/s port:

Tariff Lite/VPN

10 Mbit/s

5 Mbit/s

Tariff Start

15 Mbit/s

10 Mbit/s

Tariff Medium

20 Mbit/s

20 Mbit/s

Tariff Premium

50 Mbit/s

30 Mbit/s

Tariff Elite

80 Mbit/s

50 Mbit/s

 Tariff Exclusive

 100 Mbit/s

 80 Mbit/s

PROMO tariff

Speed ​​is divided by 2



The limits indicated in the table are imposed only with constant abuse or if the excess load affects other clients.

* By default, we do not limit the bandwidth. Your VPS can use the bandwidth of the master server bandwidth (for example, 1Gbit/s). As a rule, even powerful VPS creates a load of no more than 10-20Mbit/s (if they are not used for streaming, file sharing, and other resource-intensive tasks).

Example 1: Tariff Medium. Daily on the client's website from 18:00 till 22:00 maximum traffic. The network load increases to 40Mbit/s (with an average load of 10Mbit / s). In this case, no restrictions and sanctions will follow.

Example 2: Tariff Lite. For several days in a row, a constant load of more than 50Mbit/s is maintained. Taking into account the total load on the head bandwidth of the server, a limit of up to 10Mbit / s can be introduced.


  1. Restrictions are imposed immediately if the excess VPS load affects other clients. The VPS user is notified through tickets.
  2. If the excess VPS load does not affect other clients and is not critical at the moment – the user is informed about the excess load for the current tariff plan. Within 24 hours, it is necessary to reduce the load or switch to another tariff plan (if there is no response, a limit is introduced). The VPS user is notified through tickets.

ALLOWED on dedicated servers and VPS WEBRAIN OÜ:

- any actions not specified above (due to the legislation of the country in which the server is located).

"WEBRAIN OÜ" hosts servers in various countries of Europe and the USA. Each state has different requirements for site content. Therefore, we recommend you check with the administration where it is better to place a specific Internet resource (materials that are problematic for one state may be legal for another). We can always advise you on correct and stable solutions for any project.

The "WEBRAIN OÜ" company has been successfully operating in the hosting market for over 14 years. Clients can always rely on our knowledge and rich experience.

Favorable prices and no overpayments are the main features of WEBRAIN OÜ company.

Our clients can choose the best option based on price, bandwidth, server placement, and configuration.

The main task of the company is to satisfy the needs of each client.

You can get a consultation:

  • through the ticket system (recommended),
  • online support operator (Live Chat).

IMPORTANT! We guarantee the provision of quality services to all users. Therefore, if the server of one user creates problems for others (powerful DDoS attacks, excessive network loads and disk subsystem, etc.), we can limit the load or refuse to provide services. This is due to the need to ensure the uninterrupted and stable operation of the servers of all our clients.