Additional Software Installing

Our company uses only verified licensed software. This allows us to ensure reliable and stable operation of all VPS servers for our clients. Therefore, it is not recommended to make any changes to the system software configuration unnecessarily.

With standard server administration, you can use the following software installation/configuration services for free:

  • initial installation and configuration of the OS (at the request of the client, indicated in the note to the order),
  • OS reinstallation if necessary (once a month free of charge, for VPS - unlimited),
  • updating the OS, installing and updating the kernel at the request of the client (if necessary),
  • installation of one of the DirectAdmin/ISPManager/VestaCP/CPanel panels (client license),
  • installation of the main services + specified in the note to the order (php, ftp, apache, mySQL, etc.),
  • basic server/VPS optimization, taking into account the client's requirements (load analysis, installation of the necessary accelerators, tuning services),
  • assistance in eliminating problems and their causes (in the minimum amount sufficient for diagnostics and correction),
  • changing the system settings and making edits to the configuration files,
  • setting up backup, if necessary (ftp / rsync, etc.),
  • resetting passwords when they are lost,
  • antivirus scan on demand,

VIP Administration Includes

  • all standard administration services,
  • response time to a ticket up to 10 minutes,
  • solving all problems as a matter of priority,
  • installation and configuration:
    • backup systems,
    • VPN,
    • Jabber,
    • monitoring systems,
    • anti-virus scan,
  • other client software by agreement,
  • system performance control (more fine tuning and optimization if necessary),
  • ensuring the security of your server if necessary (firewall),
  • software protection against DDoS attacks (for dedicated servers),
  • analysis of system log files (to eliminate problems and their causes),
  • installation of basic software updates if necessary (hotfixes).

You can also use paid services for installing/configuring software:

Jabber server installation and configuration (ejabberd)


VPN/OpenVPN installation and initial configuration (manual)


Installation and initial configuration of a proxy server (3proxy)


Initial installation of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Bitrix


Installing the GUI for Linux (Gnome)



To install additional software, create a support ticket.

If the required software is technically possible to install on the server, and it complies with the rules for using hosting, our specialists will provide you with the necessary assistance.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.