Working in the vi editor

BitrixVM uses vi editor by default.

To open a file using vi editor, run the command:

vi file_name

file_name - the name of a file in the current directory, or the full path to the file. If the file does not exist in the specified directory, then the command will create this file.

The vi editor opens in document view mode.

When you press the Insert key, vi will enter edit mode and the inscription "- INSERT -" will appear at the bottom.

When you press the Insert key again, vi will switch to replace mode and the inscription "- REPLACE -" will appear at the bottom.

Press Esc to exit replace or edit mode. Then enter one of the commands:

: wq - save changes,

: q! - do not save changes.

You can also install the nano editor. To do this, run the command:

yum install -y nano

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.