What is VPS Backup and How Does it Work?

For maximum reliability and security of the VPS service, we offer our customers free weekly backups (up to 100 GB disk size). This is what makes our company different from most hosting providers.

To ensure maximum reliability and safety:

  • a full copy of your server is carried out,
  • copies are stored in an independent data center, and not on the same physical server.

Why Is It Important to Make Backups?

Our company has been on the market for over 14 years. Our vast experience and knowledge allow us to say that backup is the main requirement for the security of your business. Here are just a few of the threats that backup protects against:

  • Failure of the raid controller or disk,
  • File system failure,
  • Seizure of equipment by law enforcement agencies,
  • Accidental deletion of data by the user,
  • Deletion of data by dismissed employees,
  • Hacking of the server by intruders.

There are a huge number of potential threats to your virtual server. They can come from outside as well as from within the organization. Employees who have full access to the server can accidentally or deliberately destroy, replace or damage your data.

For 70% of organizations, data loss on the server is disastrous. Therefore, we protect your data, and absolutely free. It takes a lot of company time and resources to back up. However, we put the interests and safety of our customers first.

In practice, only 10% of users can correctly make backups from which a fully functional server can be restored. Most make local copies on the same server, which does not protect against hardware problems.

How are Backups Stored?

Backups of our clients' virtual servers are stored in a special format (in the form of encrypted blocks). This makes the copying process very fast, and only the blocks in which the data have changed are changed.

Only technical support staff have access to backups. Users can use the service of recovering individual files or the entire server. To do this, you need to make a request to the support service.

Disk Size Limits for Free Backups

We provide free backup for VPS up to 100GB. If your VPS has a disk size larger than 100GB, or you need independent access to backups. We recommend using our backup storage service.

How Many Backups are Stored?

Free backups keep 4-5 weekly backups. A daily copy retains copies of the last 30 days. That is, your data for the last month is saved.

How Do I Access My Backups?


In order to access your backups, you can use the data storage service. You can use it with free backups to keep your data as secure as possible.

The cost of the storage service is quite low. We do not seek to earn extra money on this. We ensure the operation of this service to provide you with reliable data storage.

We recommend connecting the storage service to dedicated server users (dedicated servers are not covered by the free backup service).

Still in doubt? We provide a 99% discount for the first month of use!

Discount code: BACKUP99 (specified at step 4 of the order in the Promo code field).

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.