Website Transfer to VPS

The transfer of sites by our specialists is free of charge (when connecting the standard administration and when ordering the ISPManager/DirectAdmin/VestaCP server control panel).

Without connecting the server control panel and standard administration, the cost of the initial VPS setup and site transfer is $ 35/hour. Or you can do the setup and site transfer yourself. 

When creating a site transfer request, you should specify:

  1. Site name.
  2. Access from old and new hosting.
  3. Files and folders of sites on source servers (or direct links to their archives).
  4. Databases of sites (or direct links to their archives).
  5. Cron jobs for all site users.
  6. Domain mail settings.
  7. DNS records of site domains (if necessary, provide access to the registrar).
  8. Web server settings (SSL certificates, PHP version).
  9. PHP and extensions settings.
  10. The need for anti-virus scanning.
  11. Your additional instructions and wishes regarding the transfer of sites.
  12. If you have more than 5 sites, it is recommended to divide them into blocks of 5 and create a separate transfer request for each such block.

If you suspect that sites on the old hosting have been infected with malware, you can request an anti-virus scan.

The time for transferring sites can range from several hours to several days (depending on the size of backups, the number of sites, the workload of the support department, and other factors).

ATTENTION! ALWAYS CHECK THE WORK OF THE SITES AFTER THE TRANSFER, before changing the records at the registrar (and DNS records on the server, if you use your own name servers)!

Instructions for Checking the Website (if you have Windows OS)

  1. Open the file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts with any text editor
    For Linux/MacOS, the Terminal application is used (the file is also edited using a text editor with the sudo option).
    ~ $ sudo vim/etc/hosts
  2. Copy the lines into it in the following format: ip_site site_name www.site_name,
    for example, (for each site - a separate line).
  3. Save your changes and close the file.
  4. Clear your browser cache.
  5. Open the transferred sites in a browser and check all links.
  6. If problems are found (links do not work, content is displayed incorrectly) - create a ticket. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible, when it occurs and where it is located. If the problem appears in the site administration mode, specify the login/password for access.
  7. If there are no problems or they have already been fixed, you can change the records at the registrar. Now the site will work from the server to which the site was transferred. 

Clients themselves check the work of the transferred sites!

  1. You know better how your site works and how it should work.
  2. When moving a large number of sites, we cannot always check absolutely all pages and their content. After checking the main and secondary pages, we inform the user about the end of the migration process.

The quality and time of transfer are determined by the regulations. This service is free of charge, therefore, claims regarding its implementation will not be accepted. You can always transfer sites yourself.