VPS Trial Period

If you want to test the VPS service yourself, use the test period. The test VPS server works with no limits and there is no difference from the paid one.

Feedback from real customers is an excellent indicator of the quality of our services: HostAdvice. If you are still in doubt and want to check our hosting first, you can order a free trial period of VPS service.

Test period:

  • Linux VPS - up to 7 days.
  • Windows VPS - up to 24 hours.
  • Personal VPN and Socks 5 proxy - up to 24 hours.

To get a test period for a VPS server, you need:

  1. Select and order a VPS server in the desired country.
    You DON`T need to pay the invoice!
  2. Create a ticket in the "Billing" section and specify in it:
    1. phone number for SMS verification in international format (+ xxx-xx-xxxxxxx),
    2. a detailed description of the purpose of using the VPS server,
    3. domains that will be hosted on the VPS during the test period (Linux VPS).
  3. Before the end of the test period, inform us of your decision. If the VPS server is not paid for, it can be deleted 2 days after the end of the test period, without warning.


  1. If the VPS server does not suit the client, the test period is not paid. If you continue working with the VPS, the test time will be taken into account in the first billing period. That is, the first payment for 1 month will include 14 days of test and 16 days of use after the end of the test period.
  2. Free site transfer is carried out only after payment. During the trial period, free site transfer is not performed. You can carry out the transfer yourself and evaluate the quality of the VPS. After paying for the VPS server, the sites will be transferred by our specialists quickly, efficiently, and free of charge.

There is no problem for our potential clients in providing a test period. However, we can refuse those who simply want to use our facilities for free. Therefore, the terms may differ from other companies.

Test Linux VPS servers are provided for existing sites and projects (tests are not provided for game servers).

We reserve the right to refuse to provide a trial period if it is used for other purposes. For debugging or testing applications, it will be easier and more convenient for you to install VMWare virtual PC on your local computer.