What Types of VPN Connections do you provide?

We offer the most popular VPN protocols:

  • PPTP,
  • L2TP/IPsec,
  • WireGuard,
  • OpenVPN (over UDP and TCP)!

How many active VPN connections can I use?

One active session is possible for all types of VPN connections. However, we can offer:

  • 10 accounts for OpenVPN (5 TCP + 5 UDP)
  • 2 accounts for PPTP and L2TP / IPsec

You can connect the specified number of devices (1 for each account).

We also offer the service of increasing the number of accounts to 20.

Cost - $ 15.00 USD.

Which Protocol Do You Recommend Using?

We recommend you use OpenVPN as it offers more powerful encryption methods (AES-256 2048 bit).

OpenVPN is much faster than other protocols (especially when connected over UDP).

Which Protocol (UDP or TCP) Should You Use When Setting Up Your OpenVPN Configuration?

We recommend you use UDP when configuring OpenVPN.

UDP allows you to work at a speed several times higher than TCP. TCP can also be used. For example, if your ISP restricts the use of UDP or for other technical reasons.

What is the Bandwidth for VPN Connections?

There is no speed limit for a VPN connection. The nominal bandwidth speed is equal to the bandwidth of the master server (this is usually 1Gbit / s).

The actual speed may be much lower. It depends on the connection protocol, data transfer protocol, and other parameters.

To get the best VPN connection speed, we recommend using the OpenVPN connection protocol and UDP data transfer protocol.

Can I Use Your VPN on My Home Router?

Yes. You can set up a VPN connection if your router supports it. Most modern routers support connection protocols that we provide when ordering a VPN service.

Your router's manual should indicate the connection procedure. If you have any questions during the VPN connection process, create a ticket to technical support.

Can I Get Test Access to the VPN?

Yes. We provide a free trial of the VPN.

Apply for a test period according to the instructions.

Payment for the test period is carried out only when the service is renewed. If the service does not suit you, the test period is not paid.

The minimum rental period for the service is 1 month.

If you pay immediately for the year, you will receive 3 months of rent as a gift (25% discount)!

Will I Get a Shared or Dedicated IP for the VPN?

We offer white dedicated IP addresses for all our servers, including VPN.

IP / location changing costs $2 per each change.

Attention! We do not guarantee that the new IP will be available in your location or for any service or from any ISP. We charge for the work of the IP changing and if it does not bring the expected results, there is no refund, and the next IP change will also be charged.

Dedicated IP features.

What's the Best Way to Set Up a VPN Connection on My Device?

On our website, you can find setup instructions for various devices.

Or contact our specialists for technical support.

Why Can't VPN Connect Over L2TP / IPsec on Ubuntu?

  1. Complete the setup according to the instructions.
  2. If after configuration the connection is not established, use the libreswan library instead of strongswan by entering the command in the terminal:
    sudo apt install libreswan
  3. Remove the transition files using the following commands:
    sudo su - rm -f /etc/ipsec.d/nm-l2tp-ipsec-*.secrets

If the connection is not established, please contact technical support via the ticket system.

How Can I Increase Anonymity When Using a VPN Connection? 

Our experts can set up a VPN server for free so that you connect to one IP, and the outgoing IP address on sites/services is a different IP (when ordering an additional IP address for $ 4 per month).

The provider's logs will not display the external IP of the VPN server. Also, it will not be possible to compare the logs of the Internet provider and the logs of sites.

Are Your Socks 5 Proxies Suitable for Use with Telegram?

Yes. You can use our proxies in Telegram or any other software (which supports the SOCKS5 protocol). Order service Personal VPN and Socks 5 proxy

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.