Types of SSL Certificates and Their Features

You can choose from the SSL certificates below, which are issued by the largest certification authority Comodo.

  1. Comodo Positive SSL. A great option for small sites and internet projects.
    1. low cost,
    2. 256-bit encryption (strong protection),
    3. fast issue,
    4. no need to provide documents for registration.
  2. Comodo® SSL. Ideal solution for large internet projects. Reliable transaction protection and complete trust of your customers.
    1. allows you to provide a high level of protection for Internet payments and personal data,
    2. suitable for online stores, corporate sites,
    3. Free Trusted Site protection seal.
  3. Positive SSL by Comodo + Wildcard
    1. in addition to the main domain, it allows you to protect second-level sub-domains (* .company.com),
    2. the best option in terms of price/quality ratio.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.