Transfer to Another Server

If you use a VPS server (for example, in the USA according to the Medium plan) and decide to change the location:

  1. 1. If you change the plan upward (for example, you decided to switch to Premium) within one location, you pay the difference between the plans for these 1.5 months. A further payment is made for the Premium plan. When changing the plan within the same master server, no data transfer is required. One server reboot is performed to change the number of resources (to comply with the new plan).  
  2. If you change the plan towards a decrease in resources (for example, you decided to switch to Lite) within one location, you will not receive compensation for the difference between the plans. Only after 1.5 months have passed do you start paying $ 5 per month for the Lite plan. When changing the plan within the same master server, no data transfer is required. Performs one server reboot to change the number of resources (to match the new plan). When changing the plan downward, the disk should be sufficient. It will also take some time to decrease, during which the server will be unavailable.
  3. When changing the HDD plan to the SSD plan. We transfer VPS for free when switching from regular (HDD) plans to SSD plans. If you do not change the plan (for example, HDD Start is transferred to SSD Start), then the surcharge is usually not required. After a successful transfer, we change the server information in the billing as part of the current service.
  4. When migrating to a dedicated server. First, your order and pay for a new dedicated server. At your request, through the ticket system, we perform a free data transfer (subject to ordering a control panel and administration on a dedicated server), or the transfer is performed on a paid basis by agreement. After transferring and checking the dedicated server, you can cancel the VPS service. The funds will be returned to the balance.
  5. When changing the location of the VPS.
    1. Option 1: VPS Migration - changing the server location and disconnecting the current VPS while the data is being transferred. The transfer is carried out 1 to 1, and the server is turned on in the new location.
    2. Option 2: VPS transfer - change the server location without shutting down the current VPS, if you need the uninterrupted operation of sites. You order and pay for a new server to transfer to. After that, the technician performs the transfer, after which you check the operation of the sites on the new server. Only then the old server is turned off, and the sites are opened by VPS in the new location. After disconnecting the old server, we make a refund to your account balance.
  6. When changing Windows-Linux, Linux-Windows. Data is not transferred. A new service is ordered and paid for. You abandon the old VPS with a refund of the funds to the balance (if the lease term of the old VPS exceeds the minimum - 1 month)

ATTENTION! When you move to another location, the server IP changes to the IP of the new location (for example, VPS DE => VPS NL, IP will change from German to Dutch). When transferring within the same IP location, as a rule, you can save (when transferring a VPS - for free, when transferring from a VPS to a dedicated server - $ 15 for all IPs).

If you still have any questions, please create a ticket to the support service. Our experts will provide you with the assistance you need. Or contact our online chat.