Traffic billing for dedicated servers NL/RU

For dedicated servers NL3-xx and RU-xx, we offer 2 options for charging traffic when connecting a port with a width of 1 GBps (for a 100 Mbps channel, unlimited traffic is included in the price).

1. Pay for traffic in packages

When a 1 GBps port is connected, the 10/15 TB basic traffic package is activated by default (depending on the configuration you choose). If this volume is not enough for you, we offer the possibility of expanding the quota by connecting additional traffic packages of 30-50-100TB (the cost of the packages depends on the selected tariff plan).

If the paid traffic package is exceeded, a commission is charged for exceeding: NL3-xx - $5 per TB, RU-xx - $10 per TB.

In order not to pay for overspending, you can order an extension of the prepaid traffic package (one-time or on an ongoing basis) until the end of the paid period by creating a ticket in the billing and paying the difference in cost between the packages.

For example, if you paid $30/month for a 30TB traffic package for an NL3-12 server, you spent 40TB in the current month. The cost of overspending 10TB is $50, but before the end of the month you can expand the package to 50TB for $50/month (the surcharge will be the difference in cost between the packages $50 - $30 = $20/month). If you wish, you can continue to pay for an extended traffic package, or return to 30TB by notifying Billing with a ticket before the beginning of the next month.

When paying for traffic in packages, the constant/average load on the 1Gbps channel should not exceed 300Mbps.

2. Channel bandwidth payment (bandwidth billing):

By connecting a 1 Gbps port with unlimited traffic, it is possible to expand the bandwidth with an additional charge of $35 for every 100 Mbps 95%  line.

Excess prepaid bandwidth: NL3-xx - $0.45 / Mbps, RU-xx - $0.90 / Mbps.

For example, if you need full 1Gbps bandwidth for $250/month + 300Mbps prepaid when renting NL3-12, the cost would be $250 + $35 * 3 = $355.

In the event that less than 1 Gbps bandwidth is required, there will be a US $25 port connection fee + bandwidth cost:

  • 100Mbit/s 95% line - 50$/month
  • 300Mbit/s 95% line - 100$/month
  • 500Mbit/s 95% line - 150$/month
  • 1000Mbit/s 95% line - 250$/month

For example, a 500Mbps unmetered 95% line channel would cost $175 = $150 per month for traffic and $25 per month for a 1 Gbps port.

When connecting a 10 Gbps port for NL3-xx, the cost of connecting a port is $50 per month, and each 1 Gbps port is $200 per month. We count the bandwidth by 95% line, overflow - $ 0.45 per 1 Mbps.

Likewise, for RU-xx with a 10 Gbps port, the cost of connecting the port is $50 per month, and each 1 Gbps is $ 400 per month. We count the bandwidth by 95% line, the overflow is $0.90 per 1 Mbps.

NOTE: traffic counting method using the 95th percentile (95% line, 95th percentile billing, burstable billing)

The 95th percentile is a technique used to provide flexibility in the use of channel width. It gives the user the opportunity to exceed the paid bandwidth by 5% of the entire time of using the channel without increasing the cost of the service.

For example, your tariff assumes the use of a bandwidth of 1 Gbps. The channel width limit can be exceeded by 36 hours every month (5% of 30 days). The bandwidth used is measured and recorded every 5 minutes for a month. The bandwidth used is measured by dividing the amount of data transmitted per interval by 300 seconds. At the end of the month, 5% of the maximum values ​​are removed. Further, from the remaining 95%, the maximum number is selected, and it is this value that is used to calculate the payment for the channel width.