The Cost of Work Provided with Paid Administration

This table describes services that are not provided with free administration. The performance of these tasks is possible only with paid administration, or free of charge with a subscription to VIP administration. Paid administration costs $ 35 per hour, but not less than $ 15 per call (for each call).

Description of work

Price in USD

Initial work on setting up the server:


1. OS reinstallation (with deletion of data on the server)

VPS - free

Dedicated server:

Linux: once a month - free (with a control panel and administration), more than 1 time a month, also without a panel/administration - $ 35,

Windows: $ 35 (anyway)

2. OS installation from ISO-image at client's request

VPS - $25

Dedicated server:

Linux - free,

Windows - $ 35

3. Reinstalling the OS from an ISO image at the request of the client

VPS - $25

Dedicated server - $35

4. Connecting the client ISO image for self-installation of the OS

VPS - $15

Installing software


1. Installing and configuring the Jabber server (ejabberd)


2. Installation and initial configuration of VPN, OpenVPN (manually)


3. Installation and initial configuration of a proxy server (3proxy)


4. Initial installation of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Bitrix


5. Installing the GUI for Linux (Gnome)




1. Setting up additional VPN configurations


2. Setting up Double VPN (when ordering 2 VPS)


3. Issue of Let's Encrypt certificate manually followed by automatic renewal for ISP Manager v4 / server without panel


4. Changing the main IP address for a VPS /

Changing the location for a VPS (without data transferring)


Attention! We do not guarantee that the new IP will be available in your location or for any service or from any ISP. We charge for the work of the IP changing and if it does not bring the expected results, there is no refund, and the next IP change will also be charged.

5. Changing the main IP address for a dedicated server


Data center: 


1. KVM connection

$35 (2 hours)

2. IP transfer (for dedicated servers within DC)

additional IP (1 or all) - $15, main IP - $35

Other works: 


1. Server migration/transfer/cloning

$15 for each server,

free of charge: when moving from a VPS to a dedicated server, from an outdated VPS to a new VPS, also if a software update is required

2. Password reset

VPS - free

Dedicated server:

Linux - free,

Windows - $35

3. Restoring VPS from a backup

Full VPS recovery - free

Extraction of individual databases/folders/files - $15

4. Providing a VPS backup for download


5. Recovering a VPS deleted for non-payment from our backups (if a copy is available)


If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.