Switching to KVM Virtualization

We offer our clients VPS with two types of virtualization - XEN and KVM. Currently, XEN is used only on legacy servers with HDD disks. All modern VPS based on servers with SSD/NVME disks uses KVM virtualization.

Key benefits of moving to KVM

  • The performance of VPS with KVM virtualization is higher compared to XEN. This is confirmed by testing and real work.
  • Use of new features and capabilities for VPS. All new developments will be implemented only on modern servers with KVM virtualization.
  • Support and revision. At the moment, KVM virtualization is actively developing, and possible errors will be fixed.

KVM virtualization is more promising and is used by almost all hosting companies today. It is also very important that this type of virtualization excludes "overselling". That is, all users are guaranteed to receive the hardware that is stated in their tariff. In addition, other VPS located on the same physical server do not in any way affect the stability of your project or website.

We recommend VPS users upgrade to modern servers with KVM virtualization. This is especially true for those who want to change the tariff and location of the current VPS server. In order to switch to another tariff with KVM virtualization, you can:

  1. Order a new plan with KVM virtualization and gradually configure and test it. In this case, the old one will work simultaneously with the new one and will be disabled if necessary.
  2. Change the plan and transfer all data to a new server with KVM virtualization. Such a transition is recommended in cases where the downtime associated with the transfer and configuration of the VPS is not critical.

In order to change your tariff and switch to VPS with KVM virtualization, create a ticket. Our experts will provide you with the necessary assistance with the transfer and configuration of the VPS.