Setting Up Yandex Mail on Your Domain - ISPmanager

Confirm Your Rights for Domain

To confirm that the domain belongs to you, you must specify the TXT record in the domain settings.

1. In the Yandex.Connect interface, go to the Domains section and select a domain.

2. Select a method to verify your domain. It is recommended to use confirmation via a DNS record. Copy the suggested TXT record value.

3. Then go to the ISPmanager control panel: Domain names - Records.
Go to Records in ISPmanager

4. Click Add and add a TXT record in the window that opens. In the field, enter the value from step 2 and click Finish.

5. Return to the window opened at step 2. Click Start check.

Creating an MX Record

  1. Delete the standard MX record in the ISPmanager panel:
    Delete standart MX record
  2. Add the MX record specified in the Yandex instructions:
    1. Subdomain name - @
    2. Record type - MX
    3. Data -
    4. Priority - 10

SPF Record

  1. Go to ISPmanager control panel: Domain names - Records.
  2. Delete existing TXT records.
  3. Click the Add button and in the window that opens, enter a value in the TXT record field:


  1. Get a TXT record with a public key (DKIM signature) in Yandex.Connect.
  2. Add a TXT record in the domain settings of the control panel:
    Add a TXT record
    In the window that opens, paste the key value into the record field:
    Add DKIM signature

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.