Setting up OpenVPN for iOS

  1. To create a VPN connection via OpenVPN on iPhone/iPad, download the OpenVPN Connect app from the Apple Store. Also download the OpenVPN (UDP TCP) configuration file from a link like http://XX.XX.XX.XX:XXXX/mS84McHrsn/, which you received by email when activating the service:
    VPN Configuration
  2. Open the configuration file (client**-tcp.ovpn or client**-udp.ovpn) on your iOS device by clicking Open with OpenVPN:
    Open VPN configuration
  3. To import the downloaded OpenVPN configuration, click on the "ADD" button:
    Click add to import configuration file
  4. To add the imported OpenVPN configuration to the application, click "ADD":
    Add imported configuration file
  5. Allow adding OpenVPN configuration by clicking "Allow" on the message that appears:
    Click Allow
  6. Move the slider to the right to connect to the VPN server:
    Turn on VPN connection
  7. If the connection is successful, the message "CONNECTED" will appear and you can track the VPN connection statistics in the application:
    Connected VPN

If you have any additional questions, you can use our ticket system.

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