Setting Up on Your Domain - VestaCP

Confirm Your Rights for Domain

To confirm that the domain belongs to you, you must specify the TXT record in the domain settings. What is DNS server?

  1. Add a domain to your control panel.
  2. Copy the text indicated on the "DNS check" tab on the domain confirmation page on the website.
  3. Then go to the VestaCP control panel: DNS – LIST RECORDS.
    DNS List Records
  4. Click ADD DNS RECORD and add a TXT record in the window that opens. In the field, enter the value from step 2 and click Finish.
  5. Return to the window opened at step 2. Click Confirm.

Creating an MX Record

  1. Delete the standard MX record in the VestaCP panel:
    Delete Standart MX Record
  2. Add a new MX record and specify the following parameters in it:
    1. • Name: your_domain_name. (a dot at the end is required!)
    2. • Type: MX (mail server)
    3. • Address:
    4. • Priority: 0

It takes several hours to verify the MX record. Upon completion of the verification, an email with the results will be sent to your email address.  

SPF Record

The SPF record protects against domain forgery and helps prevent emails sent from your addresses from getting into spam.

  1. Add TXT record in the domain settings of the control panel:
    Add TXT Record
  2. In the window that opens, paste the following parameters:
    1. Name: your_domain_name. (a dot at the end is required!)
    2. Type: TXT (text record)
    3. Address: "v = spf1 redirect =" (in quotes!)

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.