Setting Up Gmail on Your Domain - VestaCP

Confirm Your Rights for Domain

To confirm that the domain belongs to you, you must specify the TXT record in the domain settings.

  1. Add a domain to your control panel
  2. Create an account in Google Apps
  3. Fill in the required fields. Specify the domain name for which gmail will be used:
    Add domain to Google
  4. After successful registration, you can go to the admin panel and confirm the ownership of the specified domain.
    After confirming, save the txt entry:
  5. Then go to the VestaCP control panel: DNS – LIST RECORDS.
    DNS List Records
  6. Click ADD DNS RECORD and add a TXT record in the window that opens. In the field, enter the value from step 4 and click Finish.
  7. Return to the window opened in step 4. Click Submit. In case of successful domain confirmation, you will receive a message: “Congratulations! You have successfully verified ownership of"

Creating an MX Record

  1. Click Gmail Settings.
  2. In the next window, click "Yes, let's do it!" to switch the domain to the Gmail mail service.
  3. Next, in the Gmail Apps settings window, select "Google Servers" for mail forwarding.
  4. Then you will receive instructions on how to make changes to the DNS records of the domain. For example, to delete a record: MX(10)
  5. Delete the standard MX record in the VestaCP panel:
    Delete standart MX
  6. Add 5 MX records specified in Google instructions.
  7. Return to the Gmail Apps settings window. In response to the question "Have you changed your MX records yet?" answer Yes and click Next.

DKIM Signature

  1. Create a DKIM in the G Suite admin console (instructions from Google).
  2. Add TXT record in the domain settings of the control panel:
    Add DNS Record for DKIM SignatureIn the window that opens, paste the key value into the record field:
    Add DKIM signature
  3. Turn on message signatures (instructions from Google).

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.