Redirect to HTTPS

To enable redirects to https, go to Domains - WWW Domains. Select the required domain, open the settings window by double-clicking on its name, or click Edit.


Check the box next to Secure connection (SSL). Then opposite the Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS item.

Attention! This redirect is used if you have an SSL certificateredirects1

Other redirects

Redirection is configured in the Domains - WWW-domains section. Select the required domain and click the Redirects button. Then select Add to add a new redirect.



Fill in all the fields in the redirect creation window that opens:

  • Redirect code - type of redirection. Usually 301 is specified to work correctly in the browser.
  • Path - the file redirects the browser, when accessed by the web server. Starts with/ and contains the path to the file relative to the www directory in the user's directory.
  • URL - redirect address. Internal addresses start with/. External addresses start with http://, https://.

For example, to redirect from to, specify code 301, path - /, URL -

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.