PHP modules, configuring PHP parameters in Bitrix

Setting PHP parameters

Configuring PHP parameters in the BitrixVM control panel is performed in the same way as in CentOS. See instructions for configuring PHP (CentOS).

Installing PHP modules

In the Bitrix 7 control panel, many libraries are already installed, but disabled.

To view the list of installed libraries, go to the /etc/php.d directory:

ls /etc/php.d

This folder contains two types of files:

modul_name.ini- empty file,

modul_name.ini.disabled - contains a directive for connecting a module.

To connect the module run:

mv modul_name.ini.disabled modul_name.ini

For example, to connect a module 20-json do:

mv 20-json.ini.disabled 20-json.ini

As a result, the file 20-json.ini will be overwritten by the contents of the file 20-json.ini.disabled. The .ini configuration file will contain the required directive.

Restart Apache:

systemctl restart httpd

If you did not find the module you need in the /etc/php.d directory, use instructions for installing PHP modules for CentOS

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.