Order Verification Policy

WEBRAIN OÜ conduct random checks of orders to protect its customers and ensure uninterrupted operation of services. Doubtful orders that can be used for illegal purposes (malware, botnets, etc.) will be checked.

The procedure for selecting orders that will undergo verification has not been announced. In order to identify characteristic features, we analyzed all orders that subsequently caused damage to our users or networks. Using of a fictitious name and surname does not affect the need to verify the order.

If you received a letter about the need for verification, you should perform one of the following actions:

  • Provide a recommendation to an existing client of our company.
  • Provide a link to your profile on a popular forum.
  • Provide a phone number (in international format) and a photo of an identity document in the background of the main page of our website. The photo must contain your surname, first name and photo (document number and other information can be deleted in a graphic editor). After verification, all copies of documents will be deleted (we guarantee complete confidentiality of the data provided).
  • Provide any other proof of your good reputation.
  • Inform about the readiness to make a deposit into the system equal to the payment for 3 months of using the service.

It is also necessary to inform about the tasks the VPS server is rented for. If they do not meet the rules of our company, we will simply return your funds without any penalties.

If the user refuses to provide information to verify the order, he may be blocked (within 72 hours from the moment of the request). At the same time, the refund is made only to a wallet with a Webmoney passport not lower than a personal one (a requirement of the WebMoney system). Paying through the payment aggregator, the refund will be made to the payment system, which is available for withdrawal from the payment aggregator.

Refunds will be charged 15% for QIWI and 10% for other payment systems.

Placing an order for a VPS, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the implementation of our rules as a public offer. If you are not satisfied with the company's security policy, you can contact us to discuss individual conditions.