ISPmanager Licenses

ISPmanager is one of the most popular control panels for VPS and dedicated servers. The panel is installed in automatic mode if you indicated it when ordering a virtual/dedicated server. Installation in manual mode is also possible.

The ISP Manager Lite license costs $ 5 per month. Or we will provide a license for VPS for free when paying for the server for a year at a time (and add 3 months of rent as a bonus).

The ISP Manager Business license costs $ 10 per month. The Business version supports the creation of resellers, combining several servers into a single entry point, and setting system limits for users. There are also other functions here that allow multiple users to use the same server.

Also, when ordering a VPS or dedicated server, you can choose ISPmanager (no license). This option is available for those users who already have their own ISP Manager license. For example, you have already bought an ISP Manager license earlier.