Installing Wordpress in DirectAdmin

1. To add a new domain go to Advanced Tools - DNS Administration.


2. Add the database.

To create a database in DirectAdmin, click MySQL Databases on the panel menu. Then select Create new Database. Enter a name for the database. The username can be the same or part of the database name. For example, if the database name is site1, then the username might be user_site1.

Then provide a password for the database and click Create.


3. Connect to your VPS via SSH.

4. go to the directory:


5. Download Wordpress:

wget - to download the latest version Wordpress in English

6. Unzip the downloaded file:

tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz for latest english version

7. Give the rights to the directory where Wordpress is located:

chmod -R 777 / var / www / html / wordpress / wp-content

8. Reboot Apache for the changes to take effect:

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

9. Go to the browser using the link http://ip_vps_address/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php

10. Enter the data that you specified when creating the database and user in steps 3-4 of this instructions.

11. Go to html folder:


12. Create the file with the command:

nano wp-config.php

13. Copy the text from the browser. Click on Ctrl + x and then Y to confirm the changes.

14. In the browser, enter the name of your site, mail, username and password. Confirm installation Wordpress.

15. Now you can log in and make changes on your site.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.