Installing the BitrixVM environment and getting started

The BitrixVM panel is installed in automatic mode, if you specified it when ordering a virtual server. Installation in manual mode is also possible.

It is recommended to install the panel BitrixVM to a clean server. The panel makes changes to the server settings during installation.

Manual installation of BitrixVM

BitrixVM control panel is installed on a pure CentOS 6/7 operating system.

To install, connect to the virtual server via SSH and run:


chmod + x


Initial setup

To start the environment, run the command:


You  must change the root password after the first launch of the panel.


Enter and then confirm the new password. You can specify the old password if you are sure of its strength.

Pool creation

Create a pool to host sites.


Click 1.

Enter the server name. When you press Enter will keep the default name.

After pressing Enter, the pool will be created and the Bitrix environment management menu will open.


Working with the BitrixVM menu

Select  the desired digit to select the operation. Press 0 to return to the previous menu.

To enter the Bitrix menu, do:


If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.