Installing phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu with LAMP

If LAMP is already installed on your VPS, we recommend you also to install the phpMyAdmin server for more convenient database management.


sudo apt install phpmyadmin

2.Respond to requests:

Web server to reconfigure automatically:

select apache2, press Enter.

Configure database for phpMyAdmin with dbconfig-common:

Press Enter to select Yes.

MySQL application password for phpMyAdmin:

Create a password to register phpMyAdmin on the database server. Press Enter to confirm. Then re-enter the password.

3. Disenable PHP modules mcrypt and mbstring:

sudo phpenmod mcrypt

sudo phpenmod mbstring

4.Restart your web server:

sudo systemctl restart apache2

You can login to phpMyAdmin at http://IPaddress_server/phpmyadmin

Use your MySQL root username and password to log in.


When installing LAMP in unattended mode, the MySQL root user password is not set.

To create a root password, go to MySQL management:



SET PASSWORD FOR 'root' @ 'localhost'= PASSWORD ('my_password');

To exit MySQL:

\ q.

You can also change MySQL root user password.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.