Information about disks: df, lsblk, parted, fdisk

Controlling the use of the disk subsystem is one of the main tasks of managing a virtual server. If there is not enough space, your sites will not be able to function normally, error messages will be displayed. To view information about the VPS server disks, you can use the following commands: df -h, lsblk, parted -l, fdisk -l.

On VPS servers, drive names are indicated as vd* or xvd* (instead of * - the letter from a to z). The main disk is named vda or xvda.

df -h

Provides information about all file systems of the VPS server. Even if they are not disk partitions. In the output window, you can see the total, used and free space of the system. Also displayed separately as a percentage of the used system space and mount point.information-about-disks-df-lsblk-parted-fdisk


This command allows you to get information about disks and disk partitions. Disks size and mount point are displayed here.


parted -l

This command allows you to get information about disks, disk partitions, their sizes and file system. Also parted -l can be used to find snapshot. What is snapshot? information-about-disks-df-lsblk-parted-fdisk2

fdisk -l

This command is similar to parted -l, but provides more detailed information about partitions.


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