How to use Remote Desktop

You can use the Remote Desktop to manage your server. You can connect it from your local Windows 10 PC, as well as from any Windows, Android, or iOS device. 

We remind you that the Remote Desktop server must be running the Windows Pro. To make sure you have the Pro version, you can do the following: 

For Windows 10

Start → Settings → System → About → search for "Edition".

If necessary, upgrade your Windows Home to Windows Pro.

After that, you can start setting up the Remote Desktop:

  1. Use this way Start → Settings → System → Remote Desktop to turn on Remote Desktop.
  2. Then you need to remember the computer name in the section "How to connect to this PC". You will need this name for further configuration.

Connecting from other devices

  1. To connect from a local computer, on the taskbar, type "Remote Desktop Connection" in the search box and select Remote Desktop Connection. In the window that appears, type the computer name from Step 2, then click Connect.
  2. To connect from Windows, Android, or iOS devices, you need the Remote Desktop app. It can be downloaded from any app store (Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Mac App Store). Enter in the app the computer name from Step 2. Then select the remote computer name you added and wait for the connection to complete.