How to install an SSL certificate in VestaCP

1. Go to the VestaCP panel. Use the username from which the domain was added.  

2.  Click EDIT in the WEB section above the required domain.


3. In the window that opens, check the box SSL support.

4. After that, an additional form will open.

5. To order a free Let's Encrypt certificate, select Let's Encrypt Support and click Save. This certificate is generate in just a few minutes.

To obtain a Let's Encrypt certificate, you need to create a user for the issuer utility. Connect to the server via SSH and run:

v-add-letsencrypt-user USERNAME E-MAIL

USERNAME – username of the VestaCP panel,

E-MAIL – your valid email address.

6. To generate a CSR for the further purchase of an SSL certificate:

  • click on the Generate CSR request link,
  • fill in all the fields in the window that opens.

You can use the received CSR request when purchasing a certificate.

After receiving the certificate, you can install it on the server.

7. To use an existing certificate, fill in the following form fields with its data:

  • SSL certificate - the content of the certificate.
  • The SSL certificate key - private key.
  • SSL / Intermediate Certificate Authority - the chain of certificates that signed your certificate. It is stored as a file with the .ca-bundle extension and comes in a certification letter.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.