How to Install a SSL-Certificate in VestaCP

How to Generate a CSR Code

  1. Go to the WEB tab and click EDIT for the domain where you want to install the SSL certificate.
    Go to WEB
  2. Press Generate CSR.
    Generate CSR
  3. In the new window, fill in all the fields:
    1. Domain - enter the domain name to which you want to connect the SSL certificate. For example,
    2. EMail – enter a valid email address.
    3. Country - enter the two-letter code of your country. For example US, NL, KZ.
    4. State/Province – enter the state/province/region where you or your company is located. For example, Virginia.  
    5. Organization – enter the full legal name of your company.
  4. Save the CSR code (SSL CSR field) and private key (SSL Key field) to a text file on your local computer.

How to Order a SSL Certificate

To order a certificate, follow the link. Choose the type of certificate. Complete all fields in English.

  • Common Name - domain name of the site which is required the certificate  (must match the one specified in the CSR request).
  • Approver Email - the email address must be located on the domain for which the certificate is ordered. The confirmation of issue and the certificate will be sent to this email.
  • Web Server Type - type of web server. In most cases, this is Apache.
  • CSR – paste the CSR code that you saved in step 4 of the “How to generate a CSR code” section. CSR code starts with the line ----- BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST ----- and ends with the line ----- END CERTIFICATE REQUEST ----- including these lines.
  • Admin Title - how to contact you.
  • Admin Fist Name - name.
  • Admin Last Name - surname.
  • Admin Organization – the name of the organization (Individual for an individual).
  • Admin Role - select Website Owner.
  • Admin Phone – your phone number in international format.
  • Admin Email - enter a valid email.
  • Admin Address - address (street, house).
  • Admin City - the name of the city in English.
  • Admin State - enter your region / state / district.
  • Admin Post Code – enter your postcode.
  • Admin Country – enter your country.

For some time, an email will be sent to the Approver Email to confirm the issue of the certificate. After confirming the issuance of the certificate, within 24 hours you will receive the certificate to the Approver Email.

How to Install Certificate

  1. Go to the Web tab and click Edit for the domain where the SSL certificate will install.
  2. Check the box SSL Support.
  3. Fill in the fields:
    1. SSL Certificate - data from the certificate file.
    2. SSL Key – private key, which you saved in step 4 of the "Creating a CSR request" section.
    3. SSL Certificate Authority / Intermediate - the certificate chain, usually in the file.
  4. Click Save.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.