How to Get a Free Month of VPS Use When Switching from Another Hosting?

If you are already using the services of another hosting company and are looking for a more suitable option - we have a great offer!

The first month of using VPS is completely free! We will transfer your sites and projects for free. During this month you can check and test our VPS servers.

  1. Select and order a tariff, do not pay the bill.
  2. Create a ticket with the code word “Moving!”.

You are already using our hosting, but do you still have projects on another hosting? Transfer your projects to our hosting and get a month of free VPS use.

Write a review of our service on your blog. Even if you didn't like something, you will get a month of free use of your VPS. It is important for our company to know what else can be improved and what problems users may have. Therefore, we are interested in any feedback.

If your friends move to our hosting, they will receive all bonuses, and you will get another month of free VPS use.

Also, when you pay for the VPS service for a year, you get 3 months of free VPS use (and the ISPmanager v5 panel as a gift).

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.