How to create FTP-users in VestaCP

By default, all users of the VestaCP control panel can connect to the VPS server via FTP with their logins and passwords. You can also create FTP users who will have access only to the directory of a specific site. It is convenient and safe when filling the site with third parties.

  1. Log in to the VestaCP panel under the user who created the domain.
  2. Go to the WEB section. Click EDIT next to the required domain.


3. At the end of the list of settings, check the box next to Additional FTP. In the new fields, make your changes:
  • Username – the name of the new FTP user. Will be used when connecting it to the site directory via FTP.
  • Password -  password for the new FTP user.
  • Path – the directory to which the new FTP user will be granted access. By default, this is the directory of the current domain. The path can only be changed within the current domain.
  • Send FTP credentials to email – the password and login can be sent to a new user immediately. This field can be left blank.
4.Click Save.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.