How to Create Backup in DirectAdmin

Creating a Backup

  1. Log in to DirectAdmin as administrator (admin).
  2. Go to Admin Tools - System Backup.

Click System Backup

In the next window, select what data you want to include in the backup (in our example, Backup MySQL Databases). By default, backups are performed every Sunday at 5:00 am. You can change the frequency of the backup. Click Run System Backup Now to manually start the backup process.

Run System Backup Now

  1. To restore from a backup, upload it to the /backups directory of your server. To do this, click Click here for a list of current backups in the create backups menu. Then click the Upload files to current directory button. Or copy the backup file via FTP.
  2. Select the backup file and click Select Restore Options.
    Select Restore Options
  3. Select the required partitions for recovery (in our example, Databases).
    Configure Backup

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support