How to configure mail in VestaCP

How to add a mail domain

You can manage mail domains and mailboxes in the MAIL section in the VestaCP panel. By default, there are domains that were added in the WEB section.

1. Click on the green plus button to create a new mail domain. Check the DKIM item.


2. Click EDIT button in created domain in the WEB section. Make sure DKIM is enable.


How to create a mailbox

Click ADD ACCOUNT button in the domain field.



In the ACCOUNT field, enter the mailbox name that will appear before the @.

Enter or generate a password.


By clicking ADVANCED OPTION button, you can configure the quota, aliases and mail forwarding.

Mail client

The VestaCP control panel uses the Roundcube interface to work with mail. To enter, click OPEN WEBMAIL button above the list of domains in the MAIL section. Use the name and password of the created mailbox to log into the Roundcube web interface.


Additional options

The VestaCP control panel has an additional Mailtrap function. Letters with nonexistent addresses are collected in your domain. To configure the function, select a domain in the MAIL section, click EDIT button and enter the address of the mailbox to which such letters will be forwarded.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.