How to Choose a Data Plan - Enough Storage for Backups?

The minimum storage size can be determined using the following simple formula:


How do I determine the size of my backup?

First of all, determine the size of one backup that you plan to save to the storage. To do this, create and save a backup to your local computer or anywhere else.

It is not necessary to back up absolutely all server data. Advanced users save only the most important information - database, site files. Recovery from a full server copy is faster and easier. But such a copy will take up more storage space.

How many backups do you need?

It is recommended that you make backups as often as possible. For commercial projects, it's best to keep backups every day.

Also, backups may be needed to roll back changes that were accidentally or deliberately made to the server (database) settings. Therefore, backups may be needed to restore older versions of sites or databases. That is, it is desirable to keep backup copies of the most important information for a month or more.

By default, server control panels create 3 backups, once a day. After the 4th copy is created, the 1st copy is deleted accordingly. You can change the backup settings in the server control panels or perform manual backups as you like. Read more on the links:

Don't forget about growth

Also, be sure to keep in mind that your projects and sites will develop. That is, the size of one backup can double in just a few months. You can increase the storage size at any time if the current tariff is not enough for your projects. To do this, create a ticket to technical support, and indicate which tariff you need to switch to. All data in the storage will be saved during the transition.