How Can You Know About the Ping to Our Servers and Estimate the Download Speed?

How to Check Ping on Windows OS

  1. Start - All Programs - Standart - Command Line
  2. Enter ping 192.168.01 to send four packets
  3. Enter ping 192.168.01 –t to send packets continuously
  4. 192.168.01 is the IP address that is being checked.

How to Check Ping on Linux OS

  1. Start a terminal.
  2. Enter ping 192.168.01,
  3. 192.168.01 is the address being checked.

What is a Good Ping?

If the ping is less than 40ms, this is an excellent value.

The generally accepted value for a normal ping is 40 to 110 ms. In this case, end users will not visually notice any delays. Also, there are no problems with VPS. Such indicators are relevant for European servers.

In some cases, a ping of 100-150ms is normal. For example, ping RU => US and US => RU.

Be sure to take into account the delays that can be caused by the local computer from which the check is performed (connecting to the router via WI-FI, etc.).

Also, when checking, take into account the relative position of the server and the point (device) from which you are checking the ping. There are services that allow you to simulate connections from different locations. That is, check the speed from where the end users are expected to be located. For example,, etc.

The ping value is critical for game servers, trading platforms, and online exchanges. For these tasks, when choosing a VPN, it is extremely important to consider its location relative to the users who will connect to such a server.

We provide IP for ping and links to files to test download speed on demand. To do this, create a ticket for technical support. Our specialists will provide you with the necessary assistance and advice on technical issues.