How Can I Make Sure My VPS Resources Meet the Plan?

When choosing a plan, be sure to keep in mind that the operating system and the control panel also require the resources of the VPS server - disk space, RAM, and processor time. If you want to check the correspondence of the VPS server resources to the selected tariff, you can use this instruction.

Linux OS

Connect to the server as root and use the following commands to test your VPS server hardware.


Processor information


Memory information

free -m

The amount of used and unused memory (in megabytes)

fdisk -l

List of partitions of the disk subsystem

df –h

Sizes of partitions of the disk subsystem

Windows OS

The shortcut keys Win+PauseBreak


Right Click on Start Menu - System

General information about the processor, RAM and OS version

Right Click on Start Menu - Disk Management

Information about disks and partitions

Right click on the start menu - Task Manager

Information about the used and unused resources

You can also use the ping command to check the speed of access to the VPS server. In doing so, take into account the location of the server, since the location of the data center affects the response speed.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.