How can I create my own NS in DirectAdmin if I have only one IP?

  1. Go to Admin Level - IP Management.
  2. Highlight available IP addresses by pressing Select.
  3. Then assign these IP addresses to the reseller (admin or other). To do this, click Assign to.
  4. Go to Reseller Level and click Nameservers.
  5. In the Nameservers window that opens:
    1. select and tick a free IP,
    2. at the bottom of the window, select a domain for NS,
    3. check the box next to Virtual and click Create.

  6. Go to Admin Level and click DNS Administration.
  7. In the DNS Administration window that opens, select a domain (in our example, and click on it.
  8. On the opened page of the selected domain, it will be displayed that and refer to the same IP. Register with the DNS registrar the child NS listed on this page and wait for the update. The update can take up to 24 hours, sometimes up to 48 hours, depending on the registrar.

ATTENTION! Some registrars do not allow creating child NS on the same IP address. This usually applies to .ru domains. In this case, to order an additional IP, create a ticket to the billing department. In this case, the procedure will be the same, but you do not need to check the box next to the virtual item.

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.