Hosting Site on Server with ISPmanager

This article will help you to know how to host site on server with ISPmanager.

To host sites in the ISPmanager control panel, it is recommended to create an additional user and log in under his name.


  1. Enter the IP address of your server as the A record at the DNS registrar.
  2. Add a new domain (if it was not added when the user was created).
  3. Go to the Sites section.
  4. Fill in all the Basic settings.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Specify the domain name and e-mail address for receiving notifications in the window that opens (the correct address is required). All other settings can be set to default.
  7. Click Issue.

Site files

  1. Highlight the created website and click Website files.
  2. To upload the file from your local computer, click Upload in the File manager section.
  3. Select Local computer file.
  4. To choose the file from your local computer, click Choose file.
  5. Select the file from your local computer and upload it to your server.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. The index.html file is created by default and can be deleted.
  8. Select the file > click the button button and click Extract.
  9. Select a directory and click OK.


  1. To create a database, go to Databases > Create a database.
  2. In the window that opens, specify:
    1. database name
    2. database username
    3. database user password
    4. database parameters specified in the site configuration file

Important! When deleting a domain from the Domains name (DNS) section, all site files are deleted from the VPS.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the online chat in the lower right corner of the site or by ticketing the Techsupport Department.