Getting Started with VPS

  1. Log in to your control panel (link in the e-mail received when activating the service or server).
  2. Create a new user in the control panel (menu item Users).
  3. Give the user the necessary rights (various options for PHP, CGI, SSL, SSH, SSI). This user can work with FTP, and SSH (if the appropriate rights have been issued). Sites will work on his behalf.
  4. Create a www-domain (menu item “WWW-domains”). If necessary, specify there the method for processing PHP scripts (the user in the previous step needs to be given permission to work with PHP).
  5. Using the user's credentials, upload the site files to the appropriate directory on the server.
  6. If the domain name is tied to this server - the site should already work.

If you have any questions, just create a ticket to the support service. Our specialists will answer them within a few minutes!