File system check

Incorrect actions or abnormal situations can lead to file system damage of the VPS server, for example:

  • driver and utility errors (usually from third-party developers),
  • incorrect shutdown,
  • kernel errors,
  • incorrect actions of the administrator with root rights.

To check the disk file system:

1. Boot the system into recovery mode.

2. To view the current system partitions, enter:

 lsblk -lp | grep part

As a result, the following information will be displayed:

/dev/disc1  252:1    0     5G  0 part

/dev/disc2  252:17   0     5G  0 part

disc1  и disc2   - partition names.

3. To check, for example, a system partition named disc2, run:

e2fsck -yf /dev/disc2 

4. After completing the check, save the changes and boot the server as usual.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.