Errors and Delays in Payments

1. The limit on the amount of payment via the Internet has been exceeded, there is not enough funds on the account.

On all accounts and payment cards, issuing banks (or customers independently) set a restriction on Internet payments. You will receive a corresponding error notification when you try to pay for an amount that exceeds this limit. To eliminate this error, you need to increase the limit of online payments - contact the bank branch, or complete the procedure through your personal online account.

In case of insufficient funds on the account, you will also receive a notification about the rejection of the transaction from your bank. Use another account to pay for services.

2. Authentication errors.

  • the one-time secret code received by SMS was entered incorrectly,
  • the one-time secret code received by SMS has expired,
  • incorrectly entered payment card details (number, expiration date, CVV / CVC code).

If you are unable to pay due to a repeated authentication error, contact the bank or choose another payment method. We do not work with cards that do not support the 3D-Secure authorization protocol.

3. Payment service errors.

Payment services can sometimes malfunction - errors in communication with the bank, a one-time secret code is not requested or not accepted, etc. In this case, we recommend choosing another payment method or other payment service in the account settings.

4. Errors paying with cryptocurrencies

When paying with cryptocurrencies, the transaction must be confirmed by the network. The wallet from which the transfer is made displays the current status of the transaction (the number of received confirmations). If the transaction is rejected by the payment system, the funds will be returned to your wallet. Also, if the transaction is rejected, you will receive a notification of the refund to your email address specified in your personal account. The time of receipt of funds when paying with cryptocurrencies is normally from several to 30-60 minutes, depending on the type of cryptocurrency, the current speed of work and the workload of the payment system, as well as the transfer commission you specified.

If several hours have passed since the transfer of funds, but the amount is still not credited (the service has not been paid), create a ticket in Billing and provide the number of the paid account and the details of the transfer according to the card statement (transaction id for cryptocurrencies) so that we can check the status of your transaction.

If you are unable to complete the payment of the invoice or have any problems when crediting funds - create a ticket in Billing and describe the problem.