Database recovery


Configuring backup in ISPmanager is performed as root in the Tools - Backups section. Read more in this article.

Also in the ISPmanager control panel there is a possibility of database backup via data export. Data can be imported and exported using a dump (a file that contains the structure and data of the database). The dump can be used as a backup or to transfer the database to another server

To import data:

  1. Go to Tools - Databases - Upload.
  2. Specify the File Type:

from local computer - select Local file;

file URL on another server - specify the URL.



To restore a database from a backup, go to the BACKUP section. In the line with the required backup, click CONFIGURE RESTORE SETTINGS.


Next, select the required option for recovery. In our case, highlight the DATABASE and press the RESTORE button.



1. To restore from a backup, upload it to the /backups directory of your server. To do this, click Click here for a list of current backups in the back up menu. Then press the button Upload files to current directory. Or copy the backup file via FTP.

2. Select a backup file and click Select Restore Options.


3. Select the desired partitions for recovery.



In the control panel BitrixVM the backup is created as a .tar.gz archive and saved in the directory /home/bitrix/backup/archive/

Backup archive includes:

  • database dump /home/bitrix/mysql_dump__DD.MM.YYYY_.sql
  • core site data
  • data of sites such as links with full path

To restore the database, enter:

mysql sitemanager0 < home/bitrix/mysql_dump_sitemanager0_01.01.2020_bnnW1NPm_after_connect.sql

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.