Cron Scheduler - ISPmanager

ISPmanager control panel allows you to create scheduled tasks - Cron. When logged in as a user, go to Main - Scheduler, as root - System - Scheduler.

To add a new task, click the New button, to edit an existing task - Edit.


Then fill in all fields in the window that opens.

Command - the path to the executable program.

The frequency is configured in basic or expert mode.

When setting the frequency in basic mode, select one of the options from the drop-down list:


Every hour - the task will be executed at the beginning of every hour, Daily - at the beginning of every day, etc.

In expert mode, the following format is used:

* - completing the task every minute,

 */n - task execution every n minutes (n from 0 to 59),

n - task execution with the beginning of the n-th minute,

a,b,c - execution of the task with the beginning of the specified minutes.

By analogy, a schedule is configured for other time parameters - hours (from 0 to 23), days (from 0 to 31), months (from 0 to 12). When specifying the day of the week, the following format is used: 0 - Sunday, 6 - Saturday.

For example, to run the task every 10 minutes, enter:


To run a php script, first specify the path to the interpreter.

For example, to run the test-script.php script daily at 06:10, enter:


The Description field is optional. But it is recommended to indicate at least a summary of the scheduled tasks for the convenience of using the scheduler.

The e-mail address field is also optional. If necessary, you can enter your email address here and uncheck the box next to the Do not send report to e-mail box. So notifications about the completion of tasks will be sent to the specified mail.

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.